Operating principle of tweezers cars

An elastic (springs or spring) is not enclosed tube dampers (also called flex pipe) is a utopia, then what is hidden in the task not of a damper?


In fact the road is never entirely flat, with a shift in the process of moving cars always formed vibrations acting on the wheel, and then transmitted to the vehicle through the driver and ... oven spring to reduce the impact impulse, but by itself shaken by the shock pulses from the violently to the pavement and pressing the volume on the car. Oscillations of body systems and springs will last very long if it is not suppressed to the car after a bumpy one will be floating like a boat in a long time and then bring more risk potential hostility in traffic.

The main task of the duct pipe oscillations are suppressed freedoms, according to the principle of one activity can be divided into several types of flex pipe as follows:

1 tube pipe duct-type

Pipe 2 Pipe-type swing

Vapor-pressure pipe 2 pipe duct

Vario-flex pipe

Flex pipe with a spring-bit

Hydraulic swing-tube

1-Pipe 2 Pipe duct type:

This type of duct pipe commonly used in cars, trucks. 1 tube filled with oil in one layout 1 Piston movement, a different tube outer covering first group. In between the two tubes forming a small space where it used to balance the impact of the oil by Piton from the oil chamber. On the body of the piston and oil chamber, they arranged the throttle. In addition to the protective tube is common to both flex pipe.
Piston shaft is connected to a multitude of chassis, an opposite end of the casing pipe is connected to the oil storage rack wheels. When the car swing down, thrust piston oil pressure running through the overflow valve on the top of the piston and oil chamber, along with the penetration of oil Pisston shaft pressed more strongly compelled to get out of the van in the background tube oil, and spilled outside the space between the two tubes as described above, so the main task of the space between the two pipes as mentioned above is to offset oil gap due to duct swing down the Pistons for the appearance of axial piston oils in closet space (do not pass gas). When the duct pipe sprung up process is reversed, on the run from the chamber oil through the valve down against accrued while outside the oil from running back chamber through a valve at the bottom of the 2nd oil chamber.

This type of tube can swing pretty long life, reduced range good, downside is the oil leaking through the slit motion, the installation requires more precise, only to be redirected by tilting one way, the car was horizontal shaking regularly (tilted terrain, running side-hill) will quickly damage the flex pipe 2 above.

2 - Pipe flex hose type 1:

The working principle is no different than the aforementioned type 2 tube, it is not only the 2nd tube covered outside alone, oil clearing functions were assumed by a boiler room located below oil work as shown below:
Oil chamber and boiler are separated by a series of Piston moves freely and sealed, oil and gas are both endure a pressure of about 20 to 30 bar when the car is moving and bumpy!

When the car swing down, the piston shaft (with damper) very deep pressure oil chamber, pressure is generated to force the oil out of the valve chamber on the case 2 tube dampers, however, as the piston shaft Trimmed down deeper oil chamber volume (in the constant oil volume) makes the pressure to rise strongly, pushing Piston "Freedom" (without valvular) compressed air chamber below, while flex pipe is being slightly elastic by block below and opposite to the direction of motion due to vehicle impact pressure, make up the complete shock. On principle diagram can be represented by two springs (springs and mattress car nature activities such as springs) have "Afternoon" ranged against each other and "Phase", which is why the range in the car of a pipe layout better damping of two tubes.

Type a tube is usually more expensive, due to the complexity of manufacturing the piston shaft seals loosened and oil cans. The same external influences (eg, the vehicle mounted in 1) the type 1 pipe extinguished faster than fluctuations, not only by the principle of diversified activities but also due to the same size tube shrugs the Pistons oil presses can be made with a larger diameter. Besides, due to the pressure of the oil is greater than, the bubbling oil (oil causes rapid aging) is more limited, but shrugged tube higher working pressure but is better cooling, so no with 1 layer of "Austrian oil" wrap "on the outside as type 2 pipe duct.

Bottom line: Instead of oil coming out relatively comfortably through the valve (valve opens when the pressure reached a threshold value) in the buffer zone as in type 2 pipe when the pressure impact, then in the Type 1 tube both oil and vapor locked up tight, oil pressure can only compress the gas, causing the elastic changes under the impact of the steam chamber, which is about how to improve operations.
3 - Pipe 2 Pipe with a little shrug of pressure:
Combining the advantages of the two types in Vietnam, one making oil-gas duct tube combination, operating on the principle of combination of 2 and 1 in the pipe, the point to note is that in this kind of state stationary vehicle, the lower part of the tube is not filled with oil duct, the third volume of which is 6 to 7 Bar compressed air, as such, the shrug and always stretch the elastic support of the chamber gas flows from top to bottom compartment and vice versa as shown in the above categories, the participation of the elastic layer of air in the opposite direction helps to extinguish more quickly fluctuate, duct pipes are particularly relevant for all terrain vehicles to go bad, high frequency vibration, powerful and sudden.

With manufacturing requires high precision, requiring rigorous maintenance checks, tube dampers on the car is only used for special requirements, sometimes also used in the undercarriage of the aircraft Small sports fan.
4. Vario flex pipe:
With a texture similar to the definition of flex pipe 2 pipe, duct pipe Vario emerging adaptive traits is adapted to a different state of shock strips to change damping characteristics:
When the vehicle is light weight, the position of the piston is at the top of the oil tube, which is designed where small gaps on the wall to create conditions for the oil to move down under a relatively easy way, or the force Pistons small decrease, damping effect is so low ........ when heavy trucks, the equilibrium position of the piston sank low, while preventing oil from the spill is not easy to stop in and vice to such cases, we are required to run through the throttle and not have side slits Pistons to circulate again. Go on moving force increases the likelihood of fluctuations quench duct tube, the residual oil by high pressure also leads through to get to the bottom of the valve cavity clearing as the above case.
5-tube steam shrug:
It is a combination of an active "pneumatic springs" (other than metal springs or spring) with a damper and oil Hoi principle mentioned in the item above:
Drawings made evident principles of operation, the lower part of the structure there is nothing special about the principle, above the main features of the structure of the duct tubes, in which, in a sealed tube, compressed air is directed under pressure control 1, depending on the level of pneumatic pressure in measuring the elasticity of gas springs is changed, created proactive about making changes in the as well as the best results for the Reduction of Suspension-ranging.
However, gas springs are usually incorporates one other mechanical springs, which aims to limit the operation of gas springs within the chassis height adjustment as well as reduce the coefficient of elasticity increases when vehicles large load changes (eg when carrying or transporting a lot less people, bad roads or highways) rather than assuming full load of vehicles.
Inconvenience this tube is only active when the machine broke, if inadvertent shutdown in places with high ridges are sometimes lowered car shell damage, stomach or other organs. Citroen latter had warned the mining system and shutdown.
Here is the final dip tube is presented in the "flex pipe":
6-tube gas-hydraulic swing:
This is the sum of elastic springs with dampers with hydraulic gas springs, the piston of the system is resilient as well as on its axis at the same time as the damper shaft. The gas springs are in a sphere surrounded by one special rubber membrane (blue in the figure). Analysis unless the space along with the (conventional swing around the vertical pipe) of the piston is connected by one hydraulic pipe (green pipe).
When the duct pipe and crushed on the springs, oil is forced to run on the tube (blue) runs into the chamber pneumatic compression When strong, increasing pressure increases the elasticity of the gas spring, this spring together with metal springs direct impact on the chassis, exerting elastic synthetic according to load changes. Moreover, the oil pipeline, and when the air bag to squeeze, we also arrange additional active control valve to change the impact of oil and compressed air to the air bag, leading to the change of stiffness sum of the elastic duct system. (Observe the large trucks, airbags can clearly see large size oil tank located adjacent to the wheel). It is through feedback mechanisms such that the distance between the axle and the chassis is almost unchanged regardless of the load, the oil pressure up to heavy vehicle air bags up stronger team, the car, the oil pressure light Software and airbags reduce travel, reduce the impact on the sale of the truck frame.

The driver can adjust the control valve to suit load conditions and roads.
Flex-tube dampers on this high cost, complicated operation, an additional high-pressure gas system is expensive, so hardly used and midsize cars.
Several small note about flex pipe in practice:
- Pipe shrugged durable operation, usually after more than 20,000 km new to think about change, sometimes more than 100,000 km vehicle operation that has good flex pipe.
-Replacement of pipes required to change your swing sometimes both on the same 1-axis (sometimes before and sometimes after).
Flex-pipe leaking oil, even though very little damage and was deemed to be replaced.
Flex-pipe is closely related to safety (and also lives) is the mountain pass road, much of the folding or tilting.
The flex-tube, tube swing changes affect other types of elastic and damping of the whole vehicle, requires experience and understanding.
-As much driving experience, being strongly pressed down by the body weight (60-70 kg) and then suddenly let go, the car has good flex pipe is just bouncing it down 1 times, shrugged his vehicle 2nd jump more flex pipe was considered as "He".
Sudden shock-paste is the enemy of duct pipe is not heavy, high margin climbing, jumping the sidewalk, rolling large rocks to seriously affect the life of the pipe duct.

Source: Vietnam News 24h

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